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Streamlined Program for  Promotional Glassware.

Streamlined Program for  Promotional Glassware.

Promotional Product’s Denver® announces the kickoff of Drinkware Express!

 “The Express program is real game changer for clients that are shopping for decorated, logo’ed glassware supplier” said Frank Banta, manager of Promotional Products Denver®.

 This program keeps glassware costs in-line and protect a client’s marketing investment by archiving graphics and order details to insure consistent use of branding graphics.  The Drinkware Express program was developed to assist the needs of the craft-brewing and micro-distilling industries, as well as other consumers of glassware that rely on branded glassware.

 An added benefit of the Drinkware Express program is that it’s coupled with our exclusive “no-gouge shipping and delivery guarantee.”  Our no-gouge guarantee protects our clients from hyper-inflated shipping charges and has all transportation charges clearly spelled out.  “Many of our shipping programs are flat rate or discounted.”  Banta added.  “No surprises.”

 “The ugly secret of promotional glassware is that a lot of our web competitors blast out a low price only to make up for the discounted unit cost by overcharging shipping to extreme levels,” Banta said.  “Product imprint quality and delivery can be challenges for the web-only processors.  Frequently, the advertised savings are an illusion and disappear when the outrageous shipping and shoddy quality are factored in.  Dealing with an on-line problem can be a challenge.”

 If you’d like more information about this new program, call PPD® at 303-617-9810.


“Shock and Awe” With Promotional Products

“Shock and Awe” With Promotional Products

Direct mail can often be overlooked when businesses create marketing campaigns that use promotional products.

The first thing that pops into our heads is to hand out the promotional products at a trade or home show, or to customers as they walk out the door of our business.   But sending promotional products through direct mail can be an effective way to reach your prospects and customers in a way they aren’t expecting. It also might be the preferred way some of them would like to get a promotion from you – rather than through email or by looking at your website.


Given the right product, you can really “shock and awe” them. For example, you could send them something that is so big and bulky that they can’t help but take notice.  If it is a promotional product that is super useful, they will be overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and ready to do business with you.

Or you could send them a promotional product via FedEx or UPS, creating a curiosity and buzz that they’ll talk about with others for months to come. Likewise, you could send smaller products using an envelope and the U.S. Postal Service. The bulkiness of the envelope will guarantee that it is opened, which increases the chances of them looking at your marketing message inside.

With a little creativity and persistence, this marketing technique can provide you with a fantastic return on your promotional products investment.

But it must be done correctly. Make sure that you choose your target audience carefully. For example, don’t send exercise fitness bands to a retirement community in your effort to promote a new fitness center. At the same time, it probably won’t be effective to send a non-slip jar opener to an apartment complex in a college town in your effort to promote a medical supply company.

You also might want to consider using this direct mail technique to stay in touch with current customers or those you haven’t heard from in a while. Your goal would be to get them to come back to your store or website to redeem your promotional offer and get in the habit of visiting you again.

If you’d like to talk to a consultant about an upcoming marketing campaign, call Banta Promotions at 303.680.7680 .